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Foot Reflexology Mat

Foot Reflexology Mat

The "Circulator" reflexology foot acupressure mat is made of moulded, high quality synthetic rubber. It is circular, with a diameter of 43 cm and weighing about 0.75 kg

The surface is covered with a grid of more than 1600 small upward pointing cones. The mat lies flat on the floor, with a small raised bulge in the centre for providing the instep of the feet with extra focus.

The weight of your body provides the pressure at the contact points. The special shape of each cone is designed to apply targeted pressure to a small area of the foot, and the foot stimulation is achieved by repeated alternating stepping on the mat.


A few minutes daily on this specially designed mat is the ideal partner to your health care practice, providing you with extra foot stimulation between your foot reflexology sessions. 


Stimulating the soles of the feet by stepping on this mat not only offers benefits to the circulation, nerve endings and muscular structure of your feet, but also facilitates a ripple effect of benefits up your body through your fascial system.

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