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Wooden Footroller

Wooden Footroller

This beautiful hand crafted wooden footroller is designed specifically to target tense and painful areas that build up under the feet. This may be the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, tight muscles, achy joints, or other often very uncromfortable or debilitating symptoms. 


Think of it like a rolling pin for the bottom of the feet.


The outer ridges are created to work the outer edge of the feet, and the smooth central hump for the softer area of the arches of the feet. However, you may use ths foot roller on which ever surfaces feel most therapautioc and helpful.


It is recommneded to use this foot rollwe while seated, so that your feet can be as relaxed as possible. you can use on one foot at a atime or both feet together depemnding on the size of your feet. 


Made of natural New Zealand Pine and oiled with Linseed oil.

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